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Bring a friend to the Fulton Pub Run

Andy, Dave & Mark ready for a pub run

This Wednesday, March 16, we will be officially switching to the summer route for the Fulton Pub Run. To celebrate, we are encouraging all members to join us and bring along a friend that is new to the club. This is a great opportunity to showcase what a fun running club we are and pick up some cool stuff. We’re going to have various goodies to give away to members who bring a friend. Information on the Fulton Pub Run can be found in the “Group Runs” section of the home page. We start at 6:00 pm and the summer course is a mix of road and trail. The distance is about 6 miles and the paces range from 8 – 10 minutes per mile. There is a faster group that starts at 6:15 and they usually run in the 7-8 minute per mile range. The Fulton Pub is located on the corner of Nebraska and Macadam. There is usually a good group that sticks around for beers & burgers afterward. Runners that accumulate 75 miles earn a Team Red Lizard pint glass.

Grab a friend and let’s get running.

Fulton Pub Runners heading through the park


2 Responses to “Bring a friend to the Fulton Pub Run”

  1. Better start thiking about a friend to bring, since this is only a couple days away!

    Posted by Torrey | March 14, 2011, 5:32 am
  2. This was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who came out tonight. A lot of new faces out there! I think I had one too many beers at the Fulton afterward…

    Posted by Jacob | March 16, 2011, 9:09 pm

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