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Upcoming TRL Annual Racing Series Races

We have two very different, but equally excellent, races in a row coming up – back to back weekends, baby! June 12 is Run for the Love of Dove and June 17 is the Mt Hood Scramble. These are both races that score in the TRL Annual Racing Series.

Don’t know anything about the series?!? Get all the info and current standings in this thread on the TRL message board.

Run for the Love of Dove is a 5k that supports one of the programs DoveLewis Animal Hospital provides – their Animal and Wildlife Program. There are a lot of Lizards who are animal lovers, so come out and support critters while running a 5k to score for points in the Red Lizard Annual Series. The race starts at 9am on Sunday, and begins at the NW lucky Lab location.

The Mt Hood Scramble is perhaps the only race that has been included in the TRL series every year. It’s definitely a fan favorite for those non-PAFAR (Pansy Ass Front Avenue Runners) out there. And I know there are plenty of Lizards who thrive on the log-jumping, river-wading action this race has to offer. The race starts at 10am on Sunday, June 19. And because X-Dog Events loves TRL so much, they are offering a special priced guaranteed entry (since the race is sold out) for Lizards who register through the proper channels. The “proper channel” is pretty easy – just follow this link.

Come join your fellow Lizards for some summer racing action happening the next couple weekends!


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  1. I was trying to figure out why there is a picture of an adorable hound dog… but now that I see this story is about a benefit race for Dove Lewis and the Mt Hood Scramble, I totally get it. Plus, that has to be the most adorable dog I’ve ever seen ;)

    Posted by Torrey | June 10, 2011, 6:04 am

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