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Bowerman Athletic Club 5k

The next TRL Annual Race Series event is rapidly approaching: The Bowerman AC 5k on Saturday evening, July 30th, at the Nike campus! Last year this was a sizzling hot race (literally! ), with a great Lizard turnout. With just three races left in the series this is your chance to earn some valuable award [...]


Saturday, July 23, 10:30 am Washington Park, Picnic Area C MAP The legend lives on! Once again, Team Red Lizard will be hosting the Goozard Challenge, followed by a potluck barbecue. This event is a team competition over a scavenger hunt type course. Every year is drastically different, and this year Steve and Joe are [...]

Crazy July Weather

Rain in July?!?  Who would have thought that you might encounter muddy trails during the one time of year we all love the Pacific Northwest for? While rain may put a damper on our weekend training run or outdoor BBQ plans, it really does keep the Northwest looking like the green oassis that we all [...]

Beating the Never-Satisfied Syndrome

Part of being a runner is striving to improve. The moment you break a major barrier, whether it’s completing a marathon, running a 20:00 5K, or hitting any private magic number at any distance, you’re probably looking for how to improve, next time around. This is all well and good . . . if. • [...]

Lizards – Doing Good and Having Fun

I’ve known this for a long time, but after a busy weekend of activities, I have to say how impressed I am by the Lizard membership. While it was not a sanctioned TRL event, there were a whole lot of folks out chugging (and some puking) beer on Friday night at the Cascadia Beer Mile [...]

Run With the Dogs – Saturday, July 9

Join TRL for our periodic outing with some new four-legged friends! This is our long-running (ok, it’s really more of a short run that’s been going on for 6+ years) event that gets shelter dogs out for a little exercise and then hopefully finds them a home when we’re done. We’ll meet at the Lake [...]

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