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TRL Board Elections

By Kristin Cooper Elections for Team Red Lizard Board of Directors will take place in January 2012! If you listen to NPR on your car radio, run on a treadmill at any 24 Hour Fitness or happen to be one of those Portlanders who own a television…you may have noticed there is a lot of [...]

A Tale Of Two (Very Different) Races

By Joe Dudman You may not believe this, but I find running – pure running – a little dull. That’s one reason I race so much. I need a purpose, a goal, a challenge, a gimmick, to make running fun and interesting. Within a month in late summer/early fall I was able to participate in [...]

Boo!!! It’s Spooky Fulton time.

The Spooky Fulton will be on Wednesday, October 26th. This run begins at our regular Wednesday night group spot (Fulton Pub on the corner of Nebraska and Macadam) at 6:00 pm but instead of heading over the Sellwood Bridge we make tracks for the cemetery. The run is somewhat hilly but nothing like the Goose. [...]

Perspectives from a Portland Marathon Pacer

I have to admit – I love pacing at the Portland Marathon. And I know I’m not the only Lizard who thinks this is one of the best volunteer opportunities that the running club is involved in. But it’s funny how some people just don’t comprehend what pacing means. After finishing our pacing duties this [...]

Prepared for the Occupy Portland Marathon?

What could be more Portland than running a marathon that starts and finishes near the site of the Occupy Portland protest going on in downtown? Sure… the Lizards are putting together pace groups, staffing an aid station at mile 24, and many of our members are involved in the Portland Marathon committee helping put on [...]

How to Run a Stealth Race

By Carin Moonin Thinking about running a race, but don’t want to tell anyone? Feeling undecided until race day? Considering squandering three figures on an event that may end in three letters (DNS)? Then you, my friend, are a potential stealth racer. The stealth racer may have many reasons for his or her clandestine activity. [...]

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