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Prepared for the Occupy Portland Marathon?

What could be more Portland than running a marathon that starts and finishes near the site of the Occupy Portland protest going on in downtown? Sure… the Lizards are putting together pace groups, staffing an aid station at mile 24, and many of our members are involved in the Portland Marathon committee helping put on various aspects of the race. But it sounds like the protesters are going to allow the marathon runners to do what they have come to do; it might just be a little more crowded than usual down at the starting line.

I’m sure plenty of athletes and the race organizers are getting nervous as race time approaches, but I am confident everything will work out in the end. You have to admit this is just one more reason any runners taking place in the event can declare they ran the [Keep] Portland [Weird] Marathon. Is anyone else out there concerned about this, or is it just media creating drama?


One Response to “Prepared for the Occupy Portland Marathon?”

  1. I heard that only a few hundred are camping out overnight so I doubt there will be trouble at 6:30 am when we’re lining up for the start. Let’s hope so!

    Posted by Dave Waldron | October 8, 2011, 4:03 am

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