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TRL Board Elections

By Kristin Cooper

Elections for Team Red Lizard Board of Directors will take place in January 2012! If you listen to NPR on your car radio, run on a treadmill at any 24 Hour Fitness or happen to be one of those Portlanders who own a television…you may have noticed there is a lot of talk lately about another election taking place next year. While there are certainly some similarities between the TRL election and the other election (i.e., both democratic processes, both electing a President) there are some important differences too. For one, there will be far less debating throughout the TRL election process and candidate campaign! The other distinctions will be outlined below. These FAQ’s will tell you everything you need to know about electing and being elected in TRL Election 2012!

Team Red Lizard Election 2012 FAQ’s
1. What positions are available?
Elections will be held for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. You can find complete job descriptions for these positions in Section 5.11 of our Bylaws at http://redlizardrunning.com/bylaws/. Here are the highlights:
a. President. The President presides over TRL Board meetings and is Chairman of the TRL Board. The President also serves as TRL spokesperson; appoints members of committees; sees that all books, reports and certificates required by law are properly kept or filed; is one of the officers who may sign the checks or drafts of the organization; and has powers similar to the chief executive of any organization.
b. Vice-president. The Vice-president assists the President and acts as President when the President is unavailable, with all the rights, privileges and powers as if duly elected president.
c. Secretary. The Secretary keeps the minutes and reports of the organization in appropriate books; files any certificate required by any statute; gives and serves all notices to TRL members; maintains the TRL membership roster; oversees the sending of renewal and dues announcements; attends to all other correspondence of the organization.
d. Treasurer. The Treasurer collects and disburses funds as directed by the TRL Board, sets up and maintains TRL’s bank account(s), and manages TRL’s accounts. The Treasurer renders a written account of the finances of the organization which then becomes part of the minutes of the TRL Board meeting.

2. What is the time commitment?
As per the bylaws, The TRL Board must meet at least 4 times per year at times and places of its selection. The Board currently meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 730PM at the Macadam Bar and Grill 5833 SW Macadam Avenue (just down the street from the Fulton Pub). Extra meetings may be called by the President, or by any three Directors. (This rarely happens.) Notice of meetings must be sent to all Directors at least seven days in advance (email or message board postings will suffice), except for regularly scheduled meetings.

While time commitment varies based on the position and personal level of investment, the most important commitments are visibility, enthusiasm, and engagement.

3. Who is in the position now and what makes them good at it?

a. President, Jacob Buckmaster: Jacob is a skilled listener and truly values the feedback and involvement of his team. He encourages active participation in decision-making.
b. Vice President, Mark Mochon: Mark rarely misses a club event or activity. His visibility lets the membership know he cares. He remains even-keel in all situations and provides level headedness to all discussions.
c. Secretary, Kate Gigler: Kate is an organizational master and has strong administrative and professional skills. Kate is goal-directed, can type, eat, and listen simultaneously and keeps meetings on track.
d. Treasurer, Dan Bartosz: Dan has incredible attention to detail and a proclivity for facts and figures. He is the voice of reason about what is financially possible/practical and does a lot of work behind the scenes.

4. Who is eligible to run (for office that is)?
All directors must be members in good standing, meaning in part, that dues have been paid. At least one Officer must be a U.S. citizen and resident of the State of Oregon.

5. How long are the terms?
Except for the filling of a vacancy, the term of office for all officers is two years.

6. What do the rest of those people do?
Once the elected Officers are in place, they appoint Directors. Directors may be appointed to serve either specific or general purposes for the club (e.g. Apparel, Community Outreach/Volunteer, Membership, etc.) and serve at the discretion of the Board or until the biennial election of Officers, whichever is shorter. There can be no more than 9 directors serving concurrently during a term. All directors have equal voting rights.

7. How do I declare my candidacy? And by when do I need to decide?
If you are interested in joining the Board as an Officer contact the President at jacobmbuckmaster@gmail.com. Interested parties must officially declare their candidacy in writing by December 21, 2011.

8. What is the TRL’s mission statement?
To promote the running and multi-sport community by offering a training, racing and social network to assist athletes of all abilities in achieving their fitness goals.

9. Does my vision need to align with the club’s mission statement?

10. What factors should I consider as I am making the decision whether or not to run for office?
The common and unifying feature of the current Board is a genuine and unwavering commitment to the best interest of the club. If you share that commitment, you should also consider sharing your skills in the pursuit of that goal.

11. What if I need to move to Qatar during my term?
An Officer/Director may resign at any time by delivering written notice to the President or the Secretary, except that no Director may resign if that resignation would leave TRL without any Director meeting the citizenship and residency requirements of Section 5.3 of the Bylaws. Once delivered, a notice of resignation is irrevocable unless revocation is permitted by the TRL Board. Vacancies may be filled at the next annual members’ meeting, by special members’ meeting, or by interim appointments by action of the Board of Directors.

12. I don’t have a tour bus or a lot of money. How do I get my platform message out?
All candidates will have the opportunity to write their official statement.
These Candidate Statements will be published at no cost to the candidate in the Voter’s Pamphlet (also known as the January Gazette) which will be mailed to the membership on Tuesday January 10th. The deadline for Candidate Statement submission is Friday January 6th. Candidate Statements will be limited to a predetermined number of words. More detail on content will be forthcoming.

13. What if I have no one running against me?

14. What is the election process like?
As per the Bylaws, Officers are elected by vote of the TRL members via a members’ meeting and mailed-in (paper) ballots. The member’s meeting will be held on Wednesday January 18th. The ballots will be included in the Voter’s Pamphlet/ January Gazette that will be mailed to the membership on Tuesday January 10th. The candidate receiving the largest number of votes wins, provided that the candidate receives at least one-third of the total number of votes entitled to be cast. If no winner can be determined for an office, a runoff election will be held between the top two vote-getters under procedures to be established by the TRL Board. If the runoff election again fails to produce a winner (e.g., for lack of a quorum), the TRL Board may appoint any TRL member in good standing to fill the open position.

15. What are the key dates again?
a. Declare your candidacy by December 21, 2011
b. Submit your Candidate Statement by January 6, 2012
c. Voter’s Pamphlet sent to membership on January 10, 2012
d. Ballots due and election held at Member’s Meeting on January 18, 2012
Now that you have been informed, you are ready to make an informed decision…what a great way to begin your campaign! If you have questions not answered here, please contact a Board Member.


2 Responses to “TRL Board Elections”

  1. This is a fantastic write up, Kristin. Same as what appeared in the Gazette, but valuable enough to share again.

    Posted by Torrey | October 31, 2011, 8:29 pm
  2. I’ve served on the board and had a great experience! Everybody works together to help make this great club better.

    If you’re considering running for one of the positions, I’d suggest you attend a board meeting to see what you’re getting into.

    Next meeting is Wed. Nov. 16 @ 730PM (after the Fulton run) at Macadams Bar and Grill (which is just down the street from the Fulton Pub). I think you’ll find it a surprisingly friendly and well organized meeting!

    Posted by Jeff Malmquist | November 1, 2011, 4:06 pm

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