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To Resolve or Not to Resolve?

It’s almost the New Year, so everything is about resolutions. Is it just me, or does this not seem like the best time of year to be claiming you will eat better or exercise more? Who doesn’t say that after eating way too much over the holidays of the past month? I know I already resolved to do that, but eating better will be easy once I finish off the last plate of Christmas cookies, and exercising more will be easy when my window of time to get out for a run isn’t filled with a holiday party or out-of-town family being around.

Is it obvious that I’m not much of a resolution person? Although sometimes I wish I was. Maybe it would be good to have a training and racing goal set for the year before the New Year arrived. I suppose that the goals I’m thinking of aren’t necessarily made based on guilt for holiday glutony, but instead come from the reflection on the previous year of what I did (or didn’t) accomplish. Those seem like the things people might identify when they write a Christmas letter to their friends and family – here’s what I did the past year… hmm, what should I make sure I do more of in the coming year? OK, I admit I did wrote a letter. And I admit I have some ideas of what I want to do in 2012. Because it is going to be a big year for me… I turn 40 this coming fall, so I’ve given some thought to whether I want to target some race soon after I turn 40. Or do I want to plan some epic running adventure to celebrate the big day? Although having a fall birthday means that racing cross country might be all the celebration I need…

I guess I’m still not going to “resolve” anything. But I do intend to spend more time doing the things I love – camping, flyfishing, and running, of course. I think that’s always my plan, so is it a resolution? Since resolutions always seem to be things people set for themselves and end up breaking, I guess I don’t want to not accomplish all of the things I set out to do in any given year. Or do I just need to set the bar higher?

Do you set goals or resolutions for yourself? And if so, are they ones you plan to keep?


One Response to “To Resolve or Not to Resolve?”

  1. I resolve not make any resolutions for 2012.

    I do however, have plenty of goals, some of which I would even share if someone else restarts that thread on the members forum.

    Posted by Joanna | December 30, 2011, 3:36 pm

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