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TRL Board Elections

It’s election time for the Team Red Lizard Board. Some of you have already seen the email in your inbox pointing you to the on-line voting site, and all members should find the voter’s pamplet edition of the Gazette in your mailboxes soon. The Gazette contains statements from each of the candidates running for one of the 4 officer positions being selected by the membership.

Those positions, and the candidates running for them, are:

President: Kate Gigler
Vice President: Doug Lichtenwalter and Torrey Lindbo
Secretary: Nancy Wong
Treasurer: Daniel Bartosz

Admittedly, there is only one contested race for any of the four positions. Writing in a candidates name is still possible, so if there is someone else you think would do a great job, put their name down. But even if you are just casting a vote for the only person running for a position, it’s always good to know that the membership supports the people making decisions on behalf of the club. There are 3 ways to cast your ballot, all of which are detailed in the Gazette – but those options are:
1. fill out the paper ballot in the Gazette and ail it in (address is on the ballot). Note that it must be received by Jan 18);
2. fill out the paper ballot from the Gazette and turn it in at the January board meeting where votes will be tallied (Jan 18); or
3. vote on-line. Instructions for doing this were emailed out on Jan 10.

Voting for all methods is secret, so no one will know you wrote in Mickey Mouse. On-line voting uses a special program designed for ensuring only a single vote per member, but the program does not associate a name with the vote cast. And for the paper ballot options, the election committee will ensure that the member’s name on the outside of the envelope is valid, cross it off the membership list as having voted, and then the ballot inside the envelope will be placed in a separate pile for another person to tally. So if voting by mail, BE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE! We had a few votes in the last elections that weren’t counted because a name was not included on the envelope.

Voting on-line is obviously the easiest option for you and for the vote counters. So, check your email in-box to see if you have a message from “Team Red Lizard” (it went out the evening of Jan 10, so if you have a spam filter on, make sure to check and see if it got filtered out).

All votes need to be received by 7:30 pm on Wednesday, January 18. Only votes from members is current standing will be tallied at the board meeting.

Questions? You can ask a board member, or send an email to elections@redlizardrunning.com

Get out the vote!


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