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Special Olympics Regional Track Meet – Volunteers Needed!

Special Olympics Regional Track Meet

Saturday, June 9th


Mt Hood C.C.

By Steve Sexton


Time has come to reach out, in desperate form, to anyone that may have the time, ability, and heart to volunteer at this year’s Special Olympics Regional track meet. You truly can make a difference in an athlete’s ability to qualify for State and Nationals. Not only with helping facilitate one of several track and field events, but with encouraging the athletes during these events. Engaging them to do their best lights up their confidence to no end. From which the joy you bring to each athlete will be memorable to you and the athlete.

Less than two weeks away before the big event and we have too many vacant volunteer slots to fill. Yikes!! This is a concern…….Like softball, needing 15 people to complete the task for one of the most popular events. Picture this, when the announcement is made for Field events to begin, over 100, yes, 100 athletes, at a minimum, converge on the field at the same time to register and complete their throws before they have to rush off to their next event, whether it is another field or running event, there is no time to stall. Needless to say, if we are only operating with half of volunteers needed, this process is, well, not going to look good. And, It is not just the Softball event that is low in the volunteers.

Again, presently every aspect of this event is very low in volunteer numbers. From Softball, Shot Put, Long Jump, Staging, Finish line, Track and Field Awards, Escorts, Volunteer Checkin, Water detail, event setup, and cleanup.

It was 10 years ago TRL partnered with Special Olympics of Oregon to initiate “Community Service”. With immediate success, not just for the athletes, but for those that gave of themselves. All volunteers enjoyed themselves and felt that they, too, could make a difference to another’s life, especially to someone as a Special Olympics athlete. Each year thereafter the event has become refined to a highly respected SO Track and Field event nationally. This is entirely due to the volunteers that continue to devote their time and energy over the years to make this event better each year. People/volunteers come and go, this is for certain, but, there are those that have stayed through the thick n’ thin of all these years. We do have a strong, but small, core group of dedicated volunteers that continue to improve/refine the standards of procedures. But, alas, they need some help, too. This event needs your help.

Special Olympics of Oregon needs and hopes Team Red Lizard continues to take this event on for years to come. TRL facilitates  and directs this event mainly because many people that had volunteered before thought it good to continue with this event. TRL took this perspective seriously. Now here we are, searching in the dark, with a dim light of a small flashlight, batteries going dead; where are the raised hands to help?

It is not too late, folks. You can go to the TRL website http://www.redlizardrunning.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16552&st=0#entry185987 which provides info and descriptions of positions needing filled. Don’t be intimidated. All are easy to do. There will be a Lead person assigned to each task to provide to you easy to follow instructions.

You will have fun and leave with that good feeling of helping others reach their goals.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please, contact me;

Steve Sexton




2 Responses to “Special Olympics Regional Track Meet – Volunteers Needed!”

  1. Let’s go Lizards! All hands on deck!

    Posted by Torrey | May 31, 2012, 5:43 am
  2. Excellent performance by all reptiles. TRL truly makes this event go like clockwork!

    Posted by Jeff Malmquist | June 9, 2012, 7:43 pm

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