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Volunteer at Special Olympics Track – A Red Lizard Tradition!

Lizard volunteer Steve Sanders greets competitors at the starting line.

Call for Volunteers at OR State Regional Special Olympics Track & Field Meet at MHCC, Saturday June 9th, 2012. 8am – 4pm

By Erika Matsuda

Need an upper to get out of the Winter blues? Then come outside this Spring and volunteer with Team Red Lizard at OR State Regional Special Olympics Track & Field Meet at Mt Hood Community College, Saturday June 9th, 2012. This year’s Special Olympics is sure to be a newly improved and organized fun event!

This is TRL’s 10th year organizing and coordinating events for the Regional Special Olympics at MHCC. Most exciting is that TRL is a pace setter and model organization for how other SO’s can be run by fellow groups. All of TRL’s efforts over the years have been greatly appreciated by Senior VP of SO Sports, Mark Hanken. This is the largest SO track meet of the four in OR. The event attracts up to 400 athletes and is a stepping stone to the World Championships.

In past years, there have been nearly 125 volunteers. Not only have there been many Lizards, but also many high school and college students from Benson HS, West View HS, Central Catholic, LaSalle HS, Linfield College and other colleges. Volunteers should set aside the whole day. Everyone will receive a SO t-shirt, and complimentary lunch.

An ecstatic wheelchair racer receives his award.

Most of all, this is a truly inspiring volunteer experience. As a former fellow TRL member, Win Goodbody, said of SO, “Volunteering at SO is rewarding in so many ways. Each year I come home with a new perspective on what it means to give your best and aim for the stars. These athletes will inspire you.” Now it is your chance to rise to the occasion and help fellow athletes achieve their dreams. And if you are thinking about running another road race that weekend or volunteering, let TRL member Mark Mochon’s words help you decide. “Let me just say that if you are ‘on the fence’ about helping out with this event….DO IT! It is indescribable how good you feel at the end of the day. The athletes are so grateful and the experience for you will be humbling.” Sounds like a win-win situation for any Lizard! In the spirit of the coming Spring season, let’s get outside and volunteer as Lizards and help fellow athletes go for the best they can be in athletics.


Reflections on Special Olympics

By Merill Creagh

When the two front-runners raced down the home stretch neck and neck, the spectators in the bleachers jumped to their feet. They couldn’t help themselves. Spectators and volunteers alike were yelling encouragement as the two athletes sprinted towards the finish line.

With family, coaches and volunteers cheering them on, the two athletes dug deep. You know the feeling. Shoulder to shoulder, arms and legs pumping like crazy, eyes focused straight ahead, the two battled it out for first place. Then one of them fell. A collective hush came over the crowd. What happened next will stay with us forever. The other runner stopped and helped his fellow athlete on to his feet and they finished together. The crowd went wild!

Going all out right through the finish line!

The pride we felt for these runners was palatable. A poignant reminder what life is really about. It’s moments like these that we never forget. We have a lot to learn from these athletes.

This is TRL’s 10th year organizing and coordinating this community event. It’s a wonderful experience and we’d like to see new faces join our awesome team of dedicated club members. It may take a village, but in this case, it also takes a 100 fun loving, positive, high-energy TRL members to make it happen. Along with TRL, this is an opportunity for high school students to give back to their community. If you haven’t volunteered for this wonderful event, you’re missing out. This is your opportunity to be a part of something special. Most important, are those with experience. Please, help again, you are most vital to the success of this event.

Vol-un-teer (extraordinaire); club members willing to give of themselves for the benefit of others. TRL Needs YOU! Of course, non-members are also encouraged to volunteer, too.


Volunteer positions needed (and names of those already signed up)

Dave Anderson


Certified USTAF Track Director:
Rick Lovett

Staging - 
Leads – Joanna H. – Daniel B.
Chris Dolan
1. Kate
Need (4) more

Mark M.

Pure effort!

Finish Line
Jeff Deip (L)
Joe Dudman (L)

Aaron Coe
Rick Lovett

Volunteer Check-in/Registration
Dave Waldron (L)
1.Lori Colbert

Track Awards
Jeff Malmquist (L)
1.Kristen Waldron

Field Director(1)

Field events:

Field Awards
Shannon Sexton (L)

Emmy Burns (L)
Roberta Donaldson (L)
1.Chris Bracus
2.Steve Walker
3.Julie Morgon
4.Kelly Lynch

John Maroney (L)

Running and standing Long Jump
Steve Trautwien (L)
Nancy Zink (L)
1.Taber Shears

AM – (10)
PM – (10)



Water Detail 9am – 4pm


Please contact,

Steve Sexton— 503-481-6121


Or post on www.TeamRedLizard.com Training and Racing forum – Special Olympics Regional Track meet.


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