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2012 Tour de Goose – This…is ridiculous

Par Monsieur Jeff Malmquist

Psst…Hey reptiles. Ever run around a track wearing an apron and carrying a tray with a glass of wine? Didn’t think so. How about solving puzzles while running with a team through Washington Park. No? Geez, where have you been?!

You can do these things and much more at the tenth annual Tour De Goose which starts this Thursday July 12. Loosely modeled after the Tour de France, the TdG will be rocking 8 stages this year that will run July 12 thru July 20. Just like it’s big brother, TdG will have stage winners, leaders jerseys, team competitions and prizes. All without bicycles, drug testing or road rash!

There will be several post-stage awards ceremonies at the Goose Hollow Inn and the whole Tour wraps up with the best BBQ of the summer after the last stage. Le schedule:

Stage 1, July 12, The Fairview Open, at the Thursday Goose Run – 6:00PM
Stage 2, July 15, Goozard Preview, at the Sunday Starbucks Run – 8:30AM
Stage 3, July 16, French Waiters’ Relay, at the Monday WAMR – 6:00PM
Stage 4, July 17, Guillotine Mile, at the Tuesday Track Workout at Duniway Park – 6:15PM warm up, 6:45PM mile start
Stage 5, July 18, Storm the Bastille, at the Wednesday Fulton Run – 6:00PM
Stages 6 and 7, July 19, The Handicapper and The Downhill Mile, at the Thursday Goose Run – 6:00PM
Stage 8, July 20, The Goozard Challenge, at Washington Park, Picnic Area C – 6:15PM
Stage 8+, The Awards Barbecue, at Washington Park, Picnic Area C immediately after the Goozard Challenge

You can run as many stages as you wish, you don’t have to do them all. And all runners, regardless of speed, have a chance to win.

Questions? Contact Steve: stevetrautwein@redlizardrunning.com

Vive le Tour!


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