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Mt Hood Labor Day Adventure

If you don’t already have plans for Labor Day weekend, Team Red Lizard might have just the adventure you need. The Timberline Trail around Mt Hood is 40 miles long and has 11,000 feet of gain, but when you break it into a 3-day, 2-night, outing, it becomes a doable run and a fun opportunity [...]

Joanna Harper Wins Silver at National Masters Track Despite Injury

By Joanna Harper This past week, I ran in the USATF master’s track championships in Lisle, Illinois, (a Chicago suburb) and while I didn’t get what I travelled there for, I did come away with something of value none the less. In 2008 and 2009 I had two very successful outings at the master’s track [...]

Summer fun, TRL style: Summer Series and Tour de Goose

This past month saw the conclusion of two of my favorite Lizard events, the Summer Race Series and the Tour de Goose. Both involve competition, points for the taking, constantly evolving standings, and coveted and colorful apparel for the top finishers, but in other respects they are very different. The Summer Series is based on [...]

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