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Lizard Women Earn Silver at San Diego XC Nationals

By Joanna Harper I just returned from San Diego where I had another memorable race, with a fun weekend thrown in; or was it the other way around? Over the last few years, Team Red Lizard has been building up a strong cadre of master’s women, and we have had some notable successes in national [...]

Hey, Let’s Run Around Mt. Hood – For Fun!

By Frank Mungeam “What’s the point of running?” my grandmother used to say to me. “You never go anywhere!” She was only partly kidding, and she wasn’t really wrong. Out-and-backs are the worst. But even a loop run puts you right back where you started. You can imagine what grandma thought of track. On Labor [...]

The Hell’s Canyon Relay Challenge (A Most Excellent Adventure)

By Lou Karl (Limericks by Bob Mow) For those of you looking for a new challenge or tired of fighting the crowds at Hood to Coast, Hells Canyon just may be for you. This was their inaugural race and it did not disappoint. The organizers did an outstanding job for a first year event, the [...]

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