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New Hooded Sweatshirts Available for Preorder

Team Red Lizard is excited to announce the addition of a hooded sweatshirt to our apparel lineup. These attractive and functional sweatshirts will be available for preorder only so make sure you get in on this limited time opportunity. The price for these sweatshirts is $30 and they come in sizes ranging from small to [...]

Join the Lizard “team” at the Shamrock Run and save $4.00!

One of Portland’s biggest and oldest races is rapidly approaching. The 2013 Shamrock Run falls precisely on St. Patrick’s Day this year (Sunday, March 17th, for the Holiday challenged among us), so this annual festival of running, costumes, chowder, and beer should be especially lively.  It’s also the 35th anniversary edition, so maybe “lively” will [...]

Sellwood Bridge Construction to Cause Changes to Fulton Run

Along with Council Crest, the Pittock Mansion, and the Duniway Track, the Sellwood Bridge is a historic Portland landmark inextricably linked with Team Red Lizard through our weekly group runs. The Sellwood Bridge opened to traffic on December 15th, 1925, and it wasn’t long after that, it seems, that Mark Mochon began leading the Lizard [...]

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