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So You Haven’t Yet Done a Summer Series Race…

Perhaps you haven’t even been paying attention and don’t know what the TRL Summer Series is? Well, no worries – I can get you up to speed on the Summer Series pretty quickly. Each summer, TRL selects a handful of local races that we target for getting members out to. The series is meant to [...]

TRL Summer Series Race #3: Up The Lazy River on Memorial Day

Had enough hills after the first two Summer Series races? Ready for something flat and fast? Well, tough luck muchachos (and muchachoettes), because the Up The Lazy River 10k on Monday, May 27th has another nice big hill right in the middle. But don’t worry, much of the rest of the course is less unforgiving, [...]

Summer Series Race #2: Carson to Stevenson Ridge Run This Saturday!

After the heat and hills of Hagg Lake, we thought we’d take it easy on you for the second race of the 2013 TRL Summer Series… Ha! Surely I must be kidding! Don’t tell me you fell for that. And don’t call me Shirley! In fact, the Carson to Stevenson Ridge Run 16k is so [...]

Volunteers needed for Special Olympics: Saturday June 8 @ Mt. Hood CC

By Jeff Malmquist Hey Reptiles! The 2013 Special Olympics Regional Track and Field meet will be Saturday June 8 @ Mt. Hood CC. We need lots of paws (do lizards have paws?) on the ground for this one. Come on out and volunteer! For more info and a list of volunteers tasks/times, go to the [...]

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