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So You Haven’t Yet Done a Summer Series Race…

Perhaps you haven’t even been paying attention and don’t know what the TRL Summer Series is? Well, no worries – I can get you up to speed on the Summer Series pretty quickly. Each summer, TRL selects a handful of local races that we target for getting members out to. The series is meant to promote friendly intra-club competition (which it does), but the real thing it does is tell you where you can show up and find a fair number of your clubmates to race with and then often hang out with afterward. To date, we are 3 races into the 8-race series. But never fear, it isn’t too late to jump in on the fun and still find yourself with a shot at earning a top ten finisher prize. We have only had 2 people compete in all 3 of the races, and since only the best 5 scores count, you still have a shot at hitting 5 events. And even if you can’t run all 5 of the remaining races, it is possible to be in the top ten with fewer races than that. Right now we have a big of a break until the next 2 Summer Series races. But the next 2 will definitely be interesting…. talk about 2 polar opposite races – a hilly half and a flat 5k… Next up is the Backyard Half in White Salmon on June 15. To say this scenic trail 1/2 marathon has a hill in it is a bit of an understatement. But if you are up for a scenic run in the Gorge that will no doubt include a carpool out there and a post-run hang out (last year they had beer and BBQ available in the park at the finish), don’t miss this great event – which is FREE (you basically make a donation as your entry fee, but since the race is a fundraiser for the White Salmon XC team, it’s worth kicking in the $20-40 this race is worth). Then within a week of the Backyard Half, it is time to test those fast(er) twitch muscles with the Summer Solstice 5k (June 21). I know… the 5th race in the Summer Series is on the summer solstice… but that means at least half the races will be in the summer. If you were holding off until summer actually arrived, it is nearly here. Time to get out for some Summer Series race action Lizards! Current Summer Series standings after first three races: Men 1. Daniel Bartosz 287 pts. (3 races) 2. Torrey Lindbo 190 (2) 3. Dan Silvernail 170 (3) 4. Gary Adams 103 (3) 5. Joe Dudman 90 (1) 5. Steve Trautwein 90 (3) 7. Tim (XC) Johnson 80 (1) 7. Joel Phillips 80 (1) 9. Tom Skiles 73 (1) 10. Nick Cifuentes 70 (1) 10. Anthony Santa Cruz 70 (1) 10. David Harding 70 (2) 13. Pete Danko 60 (1) 14. Sam Taylor 47 (1) 15. Doug Lichtenwalter 20 (1) Women 1. Elle Davis 244 (3) 2. Clover Neiberg 112 (2) 3. Amy Al-Khalisi 100 (1) 3. Beth Armstrong 100 (1) 5. Angela Zimmerman 68 (1) 6. Helen Sherman 56 (2) 7. Sarah Silvernail 20 (1) 7. Debra Luther 20 (1)


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