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Summer Series Race #5 is this Friday!

A shaded section of path along the Summer Solstice 5k course.

A large contingent of Lizards turned out for the challenging and scenic Backyard Half on June 15th, testing their climbing skills and stamina, sustaining various wounds and cramps, and shaking up the Summer Series standings in the process.

Before the dust has even settled from that memorable effort, it’s time for Race #5, the Summer Solstice Sundowner 5k, Friday evening, June 21st, at Clackamas Community College. Two relatively flat circuits of the campus on roads and paths will likely be a welcome respite from the hills for most of the Series participants, though I know some of you relish the ascents.

Online registration closes Tuesday, June 18th, so change those bandaids, message those cramps, and get yourself signed up!  You can also register at the race site on Friday.  The race begins at 7:15pm, on the CCC track.  Parking is available at the Randall Hall Gym.

The Summer Series standings are still wide open, with lots of opportunities to move into a top 10 spot, so if you’ve been waiting to enter the fray, now’s the time!  Or you might just want to run it for the post-race popsicles.  That’s ok too.


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