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2013 Portland Marathon Recap

Deborah and Albert bringing the group to the finish.

Team Red Lizard completed another successful year of pacing the Portland Marathon last Sunday. We had 15 teams leading groups hoping to finish the marathon between 3 and 5 hours. The weather proved to be ideal with clear skies and cool temperatures. This year did have it’s challenges with changes in the course that led to some inaccurate mile markers but, despite these challenges, the majority of the teams came in within 30 seconds of their pace times. Team Red Lizard takes great pride in pacing the Portland Marathon and the club message board is full of stories about helping runners accomplish their goals. The feedback we’ve received from runners has been very positive. Here’s a quote from one of the messages we received after the race: “The whole pacing thing is super cool. The red flags really give you an idea of where you are in the race and it definitely motivates (though you gotta wonder what kind of people would run those distances carrying one of those things). I ran with the 3:10 guys and they were super cool, too”.

Along with our pacing duties, TRL also provided an outstanding aid station at mile 24 again this year. This was well staffed and full of fun music, an announcer encouraging runners and a well organized distribution of fluids at a time when it’s needed most for that final push to the finish.

Thank you Portland Marathon for giving us this opportunity to give back to the running community. We hope this partnership continues for years to come!


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