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Join the Lizards for the annual Thanksgiving morning run at Tryon Creek

Come out and celebrate the 151st Thanksgiving with your Lizard friends! If you live in the Portland area, one of the many things you can be thankful for is the abundance of great parks. And if you’re a Lizard, you can be thankful for a bunch of cool people to run with. Thankfully, these two [...]

Stumptown Cross Series Finale at Blue Lake

For the cross country lovers among us, reaching the conclusion of the Stumptown Cross series is a bittersweet moment as we end another great season of racing. But before we start lamenting the end of XC season being upon us, let’s celebrate locally with a regional-scale XC blowout! Stumptown Cross race #5, scheduled for Saturday, [...]

Stumptown Cross Race #4 – Pier Park

Join Team Red Lizard for the next installment in the Stumptown Cross series. Race #4 will be held at Pier Park in North Portland on Saturday, November 9th. If you haven’t been to this large gem of a park, registration and the start are near the corner of N Bruce and N James. This weekend’s [...]

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