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Member Appreciation Group Runs

TRL members: In case you missed the FREE BEER Fulton last Wednesday, I wanted to make sure you were planning to join us for the remaining Member Appreciation Group Runs we have scheduled in the coming month. Jan 30—Thursday Goose. Join us at 6pm for the 6 mile run from the Goose Hollow Inn up [...]

Announcing the new 2014/2016 TRL officers!

By Kate Gigler Well, the vote counting is complete as of last night’s Members’ Meeting, and it’s official! We have a new slate of officers. Please join me in congratulating: Jeff Malmquist, President Raghav Wusirika, Vice President Elle Davis, Secretary Daniel Bartosz, Treasurer Over the next month or so these four fine folks will be [...]

Team Red Lizard voted Best Running Club in the NW Region by Competitor Magazine

If you have spent much time hanging around with Red Lizards or taking part in their many diverse activities, chances are you hold the club in a pretty high regard. Well, those positive reactions have been made “official” by Competitor Magazine readers. Competitor recently announced the winners of their “Best Of 2013″ voting, and Team [...]

TRL Board Elections – Time to Vote!

Most of you will be getting your Gazette’s in the mail today or tomorrow. In that Gazette there are statements from the candidates who have stepped up to run for President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer. You’ll see that there’s a paper ballot that you’re welcome to send in to our PO BOX, or drop off [...]

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