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Summer Series Race #2 – Carson Ridge Run May 17

The Summer Series hits the ground (I should probably say hills) running the first 3 races. This coming weekend’s race, the 6.7-mile Troutdale Trot, starts out with a pretty good climb. And for those who came out to the Stevenson to Carson Ridge 15k last year, you know it goes up, over and down a ridge. And while race #3 is a new one to me and the Summer Series, the name “Run for the Hills” has me thinking this trail half marathon will also be a little hilly.

So the time has come to make those Thursday Goose Runs pay off. And if you haven’t been hitting the Goose, well then… you will be out there faking the hills like me. But I have to say that I am kind of looking forward to heading out to join the Columbia Gorge Running Club for the Carson Ridge Run. The $15 entry fee ($25 if you want the shirt) is hard to beat, especially when you consider what you get for your entry fee. Not only is there a healthy dose of hill, but the race finishes at Backwoods Brewing in Carson – and if they are as generous as they were last year, you will get a beer included with your entry fee. In fact, last year I went home with a growler full of beer (ok, it started out full, but ended up leaking out in the back of Angela’s car on the drive home… and yes, I did cry over spilled beer… partly because it was good, but mostly because a growlers worth of beer is a lot to clean out of the carpet/spare tire storage area of a vehicle).

But enough about me wasting good beer. The point is that the beer alone is worth the trip out to the Gorge. I also love the small town races – both for the price/value and the enthusiasm and appreciation the race volunteers have for everyone who shows up to support their event. So if you think you can get enthusiastic about a run that involves about 2,000 feet of climbing (but you get a downhill finish!), then consider joining us for the 2nd race in the 2014 Summer Series – the Stevenson to Carson Ridge 15k.

A few things to note:
1. This year the race is going the opposite direction of last year. So we need to be in Carson (at Backwoods Brewing) to catch the shuttle around 7:30.
2. It’s about an hour drive from Portland to Carson, and we will plan to carpool out there. Meet at the Mall 205 McMenamins (9710 SE Washington St) at 6:30 to catch a ride.
3. Plan to join for lunch at Backwoods Brewing after the race. We had a great time hanging out post event last year, so let’s plan to support this small town business who is supporting this running event.

Now let’s go hit some hills!


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  1. Be thinking ahead to race #3. I just noticed that the Run for the Hills trail 30k has no day of race registration available AND the price goes up $5 after May 14. So sign up now if you plan to do this race on Sunday, June 1.

    Posted by Torrey | May 11, 2014, 5:29 am

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