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Announcing the 12th Annual Tour de Goose

The 12th annual Tour de Goose is Coming!

Get ready everyone! The 2014 Tour de Goose is about to start and the mad Dr. Hatfield with his even madder assistant Igor Trautwein have new surprises in store for you.
Please mark your calendars for the event dates listed below. Further details will be provided as the tour gets underway. And remember, participation and a sense of direction may get you more points than how fast you run. On to Le Tour:

Stage #1: Prologue (Guillotine Mile)
Back by popular demand after a one year absence is the Guillotine Mile. This entertaining event is age graded and consists of meeting or exceeding your predicted mile time. The faster you predict the more points you can score, but be careful. You can lose your head.
When: Tuesday, July 8 at 6:00pm
Where: Duniway Track
After Party: Lair Hill Pub for awards, raffle and re-hydration.

Stage #2: Fairview Hill Climb
This is a handicapped event based on your time in the prologue (or 5K time if you missed the first event) and goes from the start of the Thursday Goose run to Fairview Blvd (about 2.1 miles with a 650 foot elevation gain). The course will be marked with flour for those not familiar with the route.
When: Thursday, July 10 at 6:00pm
Where: SW 20th & SW Jefferson
After Party: Goose Hollow Inn for awards, raffle and re-hydration.

Stage #3: Storming of the Bastille (aka – Let Them Eat Cake)
This is an age handicapped event consisting of an approximate 300 meter climb while holding onto a piece of cake
When: Wednesday, July 16 at 6:00pm
Where: Corner of SW Nebraska St and SW Corbett Ave (near Fulton Pub)
After Party: Fulton Pub for awards, raffle and re-hydration.

Stage #4: Expedition Everest (NEW event)
This is a team event with many twists and turns as you make your way up to Fairview. Avalanches, altitude sickness and hypothermia are just a few of the challenges you will face.
When: Thursday, July 17 at 6:00pm
Where: SW 20th & SW Jefferson

Stage #5: Timbers Treasure Hunt
Stage 5 will take place immediately after Stage 4 and is also a team event, although a sense of direction and possibly the successful reading of clues are critical.
When: Thursday, July 17 at 7:00pm
Where: Wildwood Trail just past Fairview
After Party: Goose Hollow Inn for awards (Timbers schwag for the winning team), raffle and re-hydration.

Stage #6: Trivial Pursuit Pursuit (NEW event)
Your ability to answer trivia questions will score you as many points as fast leg turnover for this inaugural event.
When: Thursday, July 24 at 6:00pm
Where: SW 20th & SW Jefferson

Stage #7: Downhill Mile
Select a time randomly from a jar and score points based on how close you can come to the prediction. And don’t worry. No times will be faster than your capability so it is a test of pacing not speed (no watches allowed).
When: Thursday, July 24 immediately following Stage #6
Where: Fairview Road
After Party: Goose Hollow Inn for awards, raffle and re-hydration.

Stage #8: Goozard Challenge
This one is fellow mad scientist Steve Trautwein’s brainchild. It consists of puzzles, physical challenges, map reading, teamwork, adventures and an all-around good time! The running portion is some 3 to 5 miles if you don’t get too lost.
When: Friday, July 25 at 6:00pm
Where: Sellwood Park, Picnic Area A
After Party: Post challenge potluck barbecue, followed by prizes, raffle and the final awarding of the Polka-Dot-Jersey to the male and female champions.
General Rules:

Cost: We’re asking for a contribution of $5 per event (or $10 for all 8 events) to help offset club expenses, but your contribution will get you tickets for the post-run raffles as well.

Scoring: In each stage of the tour you earn 50 to 100 points. 50 points for last place (the Lanterne Rogue), up to 100 points for first. Volunteering for an event automatically nets you 50 points.

Swag: If the spirit of competition is not reward enough, then be advised that there will be several opportunities for tangible loot. First and foremost, the Polka Dot Jerseys will be presented to the top male and female finisher after each event. But don’t get too attached to them; these will serve as the leaders’ jerseys and will be awarded to the overall champions at the end of the Tour. There will also be raffles after each event including club apparel, contributions from Gore and Mizuno, as well as gift certificates.

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