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Summer Sizzler s’appening Sunday, Sept 14

Summer isn’t over yet, but the unofficial end is less than a month away. No, I’m not talking about Labor Day… I’m talking about the true events we runners mark the seasons by. For example, the start of the Stumptown Cross series is basically the first day of fall. And this year, fall begins at Portland Meadows on Saturday, Sept 27.

But before we get to the start of XC season, it’s time to have one last summer bash – the Summer Sizzler. Regardless of whether the sun is hot that day, we will have a raging bonfire going on. And why have a big fire? Well…

1. Because this event is called the sizzler, so there needs to be something hot,
2. Because humans have this strange obsession with dancing orange flames, and
3. Because TRL is planning to provide sausages and s’mores for attendees to grill up over the flames. And yes, we will have grillable options for those who choose to not eat the animals that the fine folks at Otto’s make up.

The scoop on the Sizzler
WHEN: Sunday, Sept 14. 4-7ish
WHERE: Torrey and Angela’s. 910 SW Maplecrest Dr
WHAT: Potluck, social event, and PRIZES!

As I mentioned, the club is going to provide meat, veggies and s’mores to grill. But this is also a potluck, so bring something with you. A side, salad, dessert or beverage. There is a thread on the message board for people to chime in with what they plan to bring.

And I did say PRIZES… in addition to being the kickoff for Stumptown Cross (which means we will have a kiosk set up for you to be able to register and TRL members can take advantage of their $20 savings on the series), this is also the wrap up for the Summer Series. We have some amazing raffle prizes we will be giving away, and everyone who attends the Sizzler will get a raffle coupon. And people who participated in Summer Series races will get a coupon for each event they ran – so everyone will have a chance to win, and those who raced over the summer may have even better odds. So, those who did some racing should show up and see what they have a shot at winning.

Bottom line, this event is going to be a great excuse to get together and hang out with your Lizard friends and teammates. See you there!


One Response to “Summer Sizzler s’appening Sunday, Sept 14”

  1. Thanks for the kind hospitality. Sorry I had to “run” but the hot sun was a sizzler and too much for me today. When the body starts acting up even before any adult beverage, it’s time for me to hunker down in a cooler place.
    God bless all the lizards.

    Posted by Rev. John Patrick Riley, CSC | September 14, 2014, 6:13 pm

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