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Portland Marathon Pacer Meeting – Sept 29

Brian and Chad bringing the 3:10 group through the Mile 24 Aid Station in 2013

Fall is in the air, and that means it is about time for some of the most important Lizard activities of the year are about to kick off – Stumptown Cross with a healthy dose of Portland Marathon in the middle. Stumptown XC race #1 kicks off this weekend (Sept 27), and the Portland Marathon is the following Sunday (Oct 6).

While there will be a few Lizards out racing the Portland Marathon, there will be a whole lot more pacing various groups and volunteering at the Mile 24 TRL Aid Station. If you aren’t already signed up to help out with any of these activities, there may still be an opportunity to be part of this big day – check out those hyperlinks to the message board to see where there still might be needs.

For those already signed up to pace the first or second half of the Portland Marathon, there is a mandatory pacer meeting taking place on Monday, September 29. This meeting is especially important for those that have not paced in the past, so please make every effort to attend. This is your opportunity to get all of the details you need from the master of pacing – Tim Swietlik. You know, things like meeting the person you will be pacing with, planning out logistics for starting a watch, running even effort versus even splits, volunteering at the expo on Friday and Saturday before the race, picking up your shirt, where and when to be for the first versus second half pacers, etc. Lots of info to be shared, so this hour will be worth your while.

WHEN: Monday, September 29th at 6:30pm

WHERE: Ringler’s Pub (McMenamins), located at W. Burnside and SW 13th Ave. (under the Crystal Ballroom). We are supposed to be in their new meeting room; they have it listed under Team Red Lizard.

See all my fellow pacers at the meeting on Monday. And don’t forget to start dialing in the pace you’ll be leading. There are going to be a whole lot of runners out there counting on you to bring them through at the advertised pace – not too fast… not too slow… but just right – like the way Goldilocks felt about the Baby Bear’s porridge and bed.


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