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Stumptown Cross – Portland Meadows Sept 27

September 27th marks the beginning of a very special time of year in Portland… that’s the day that the 2014 season of Stumptown Cross finally begins! And in the fashion it has begun the past few years, the series will kick off in a fast and furious fashion with a 5k race at Portland Meadows race track.

OK, so “fast” wasn’t what we got last year. But who could predict a massive rain storm that would leave us slogging through mud and soggy grass in late September? What are the odds that could happen two years in a row? I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m thinking we will be back to our usual curving grass course with a few hay bales and rollers to keep this from seeming like a track event.

If the growth pattern in the Stumptown Cross series and this first race continues, we should have a good sized field for a cross country race. So whether you are blazing fast, a mid-pack runner, or someone who just wants to show up and see what cross country is all about, this is a great event to wet your XC appetite. But I will warn you that you will likely be addicted and should probably just sign up for the entire 4 race series.

Race #1 starts at 8am at the Portland Meadows race track. Look for the Red Lizard tent to get your bib. Day of race registration will be available ($20), but you will save $5 by signing up ahead of time. And if you sign up for the whole series ($50), the cost per race is only $12.50 – so save yourself some money and sign up for the series today. Race details and registration info is available here.

Who’s ready for the XC season to kick off in Portland?!?


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