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Volunteers Needed for the Portland Marathon Aid Station

Sunday, October 5th, is a big day in the Lizard kingdom. It’s Portland Marathon day, and that means a whole lotta Lizards are pacing the marathon, and numerous others are needed to volunteer at the infamous TRL Mile 24 Aid Station.

So, what it is that makes the Mile 24 Aid Station so special? It could be because it is only 2 miles from the finish of the race. But it’s so much more than that. And it’s more than just having Lizards staffing an aid station and cheering on wave after wave of Lizards come through leading pace groups from 3:00 to 5:00 hours. It’s the energy and knowledge that Lizards bring to working an aid station. If there is one thing that experienced runners know about, it is what runners need at a given point in a race. And at Mile 24, what they need is a little water or electrolytes and a whole lot of encouragement.

Like most years, I have no doubt that plenty of reptiles will head out to make this a success, but knowing how many people we can count on ahead of time is important. Melissa Cox has taken the lead on organizing this caper, and with this being her first effort at putting together this event, I hope everyone who thinks they might help out this year will sign up soon and make sure she knows she has the help she needs to pull this off.

Volunteers are needed almost all day long. Currently the day is split into 3 shifts:
1st Shift 6:45 am – 10am
2nd Shift 10am – 1pm
3rd Shift 1pm – 3pm

Feel like getting involved? Check out this thread on the message board for more details.


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