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Marathon Pacing – From Start to Finish

The Portland Marathon is always an epic day for Lizards volunteering at either the aid station or as pace group leaders. 2014 was no different, with a whole lotta Lizards helping make both happen. OK, there was one small difference this year – we had a special guest join one of our pace groups.

Nat Seymour, who owns and operates a business called Be Athletic Pictures, ran along with the 4:00 hour pace group. In addition to Bob Mow and Beth Armstrong pacing the first half and Mark Mochon and Brian Bernier pacing the second half, Nat captured a lot of great photos of the rest of the runners who went the distance with the group, as well as some of the iconic scenery we all know and love in Portland.

Nat had the following to say about his experience: “I was fortunate to run with the TRL 4:00 pace team from start to finish with my cameras and I hope these images show what our run was like. Congratulations to Beth, Bob, Brian, Mark and the entire Red Lizard Running Team for going the distance and making it possible for so many others to complete the course.”

Check out the photos Nat captured of the 4:00 hour pace group at the 2014 Portland Marathon: http://www.beathleticpictures.com/TRL_Portland.html

This concept of taking photos throughout an entire race is a pretty cool one. As someone who shares an appreciation of taking photos on the run, I personally hope Nat is finding enough people interested in his services to keep doing what he loves.


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