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Portland Marathon Weekend!

A whole lotta Lizard action is about to go down this weekend. Sunday, October 5, 2014 is the Portland Marathon, and the Lizard volunteer effort is already going strong. Pacers who will be running the marathon on Sunday have been working the expo booth, telling runners all about what to expect from pace teams. Come Sunday morning, about 60 Lizards will be on the course leading 15 groups of runners to the finish at target times ranging from 3:00 to 5:00 hours. Tim Swietlik has outdone himself again in recruiting and organizing pacers for this year’s race.

Along the race course, racers and pacers will run right past the TRL Mile 24 Aid Station. This is where a whole other mess of Lizard volunteers will be hanging out – well, more like cranking out some tunes and encouragement while handing out such much needed fluids. As a pacer, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your teammates out there cheering you on through towards the final few miles of the race. And if you were thinking about watching some of the race, the aid station is a great excuse to do something while you watch your friends, family members, and strangers make their way through the course. We could still use some help at the aid station. If you are around and feel like helping out, check out this thread for more details or to sign up. I know TRL’s Special Events Director, Melissa Cox, would really appreciate a little more help.

And what big day of volunteering as a pacer and/or at the aid station would be complete without a party? Steve Trautwein is going to be hosting a BBQ event at his house on Sunday afternoon. The weather is looking to be perfect for hanging out and enjoying hot food, a cold beverage and some good company. If you want to join, all of the details on where, when and what to bring are in this thread on the message board.

Looking forward to joining a whole lot of you tomorrow for what should be considered the Lizard Pride Parade. Throw on those lizard colors and let’s represent this great club to the thousands of people who will be taking part in the 2014 Portland Marathon!


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  1. Check out these great photos Nat Seymour took of the 4:00 pace group (he ran the whole marathon with them taking photos of the action as they went)


    Posted by Torrey | October 11, 2014, 4:30 pm

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