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Faster Than a Speeding Train?

Ever gone head to head in a race with a train? How about the MAX? Or the streetcar? What about all of them in the course of a single run? Well, if you haven’t ever tried it before, this coming Friday is your opportunity for 2014 – The Great Train Chase is happening on Friday, December 12 at 6:30pm.

There will actually be multiple start times based on what pace you think you will be averaging – 6:40pm (10 min/milers), 6:42pm (9 min/milers), 6:44 pm (8 min/milers), and 6:46pm (<= 7 min/milers). David Hatfield will have maps and give instructions before the start, so plan to arrive at the Old Spaghetti Factory and then walk to the starting point at SW Bond & Lowell. Be there between 6:30 and 6:45 so you know what is happening before the train leaves the station. But be there on time, since the train waits for no one...

Obviously there are 2 ways to approach this run:
1) try to complete the loop and decisively beat the competition; or
2) treat this as a fartlek run and vary your pace so that you are running alongside the train, streetcar or MAX.

Last time I did this, I opted for approach #1. Beating the trains was fun, but by not trying to run head-to-head with the big steam engine the entire 2.3 mile stretch to Oaks Bottom, I felt like I missed out on part of the fun – so this year I am going with approach #2.

Regardless of how you think you might approach racing a series of trains, this event is a whole lotta fun. If you are game for a 10 mile run that varies in pace a bit, you should come join us for this tour de trains.

As usual, Hatfield has put a whole lot of work into testing this out to make sure the timing works for the route. For turn-by-turn info and all of the details on this run, check out this thread on the message board. If you do plan to join and want to stick around for dinner afterwards, post in the thread so there will be enough room for everyone.

And if The Great Train Chase isn’t enough holiday fun for kicking off your weekend, next Monday (Dec 15) is the Peacock Lane run and potluck. All of the details for that event are posted in this thread on the message board. So come join us for 2 Lizard holiday traditions bookending the weekend.


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