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Easter Fulton on April 8th

Joe Dudman finds a not-so-elusive egg

A yearly tradition, Team Red Lizard will once again celebrate the Easter holiday with our tradition of hiding eggs along the Fulton route. As usual the eggs will be hidden starting at the church and along the trail that eventually leads back to the church. No eggs will be hidden prior to the church on the bridge or construction areas so as not to endanger any Lizards trying to get free candy or more importantly a Golden Egg! Finding a Golden Egg will let you win even better swag from our box of free stuff. There will be plenty of eggs and candy to go around so keep an eye out during the run.

As always, we’ll start the run at 6pm at the Fulton pub at the corner of Nebraska and Macadam. Be prompt, you don’t want someone starting out early and getting all the eggs before you get there!


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