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May 1 = Member Appreciation First Friday

FREE BEER! Need I say more?

First Friday for May is a sneaky one, since it falls on the first of the month – a true FIRST First Friday. And not only is this a special First Friday for being on the first of the month… it will be the first time we have had a Member Appreciation Event at First Friday.

The typical Member Appreciation Events have usually involved buying beer or coffee for people who show up for whichever group run we are featuring, but May 1 will be the first time we ever buy beer for folks showing up to First Friday. While I am fairly certain that there is typically not much need to motivate people to drink beer and socialize at First Friday (since that is pretty much the whole point of this monthly gathering), if having a pint on us helps sway your decision whether to join us this month… then we will see you there.

And in case you have never joined us, First Friday is an informal monthly gathering of Red Lizard members at the Lucky Lab in NW Portland (1945 NW Quimby). A group usually starts arriving around 7:30 and is there for a couple hours. Depending on the night, there may be 15-50 people who show up. This low-key gathering is really just an excuse to get to know your fellow runners and chat about races, running, adventures, your job, your kids, your dogs, the quality of the food and beer at the Lucky Lab, or whatever strikes your fancy.

All I know is that there will be some free pitchers of beer the club is going to be buying, so you know where I will be this Friday Friday. Come join us!


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