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Member Appreciation Goose – April 16

Most people think of Wednesday as “hump day,” but for the Lizard faithful, Thursday is the day you make it up and over the top of the hill. In the winter, the weekly Goose run heads from the Goose Hollow Inn (we meet at the corner of SW 19th and Madison) up to the top of Council Crest, and our summer route (which we have been running since daylight savings kicked in) leads us from the Goose up through the Rose Garden to Wildwood Trail ending at Pittock Mansion.

A hill workout, an amazing view, a great group of folks to run with… and to sweeten the deal even more, this Thursday (April 16) we will also be buying the first round of drinks for everyone who shoes up for the run and feels like hanging out afterward. We call it a “member appreciation run,” which is really just added motivation for getting people to join us for our weekly group runs and discover (or in my case remember) why these are such great runs.

A run on the trails on a gorgeous summer-like Thursday followed by a free beer… how could I say no??? Come join me!

Click here for more details on the run, how to get there, etc.


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