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June is Coming – Lizard Volunteers Needed

June is coming! Not only is that exciting because the official start to summer begins in June, but there are also a lot of rewarding volunteer opportunities during June that we need a whole lot o’ Lizards to pull off.

First up is the Special Olympics Track Meet on June 6. If you remember competing in a well-organized track meet, this is your opportunity to help put on the state’s largest Special Olympics event. And putting this event on takes a lot of dedicated folks. Lou Karl is leading this effort for the club, but right now, there are a whole lot of positions we need people to volunteer for. Check out this thread on the message board to find out what you can sign up to help out with.

The second June volunteer opportunity is that pacers are needed for the Vancouver USA Marathon on June 21. There are still a lot of pace slots that need to be filled. Claim your spot now by checking out the Vancouver USA pacing thread on the message board.

Don’t miss out on these great volunteer opportunities that help showcase what an amazing club TRL is.


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