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Flat Out Fun on the Fourth

Looking for a fun way to spend the first half of your Fourth of July this year? If so, you might consider joining the Lizards at the aid station on Sauvie Island for the Foot Traffic Flat Half and Full Marathon. Handing out water and electrolytes, rockin’ some tunes, and cheering on some tired runners competing in the event might be a great way to kick off your Fourth before doing other more American things – like eating hot dogs and blowing things up. I will still consider you a patriotic American, even if you decide to forego BBQ mystery meats and watching fireworks.

Although… we usually do have a pretty sweet potluck barbeque at the aid station location. No mystery meats required. Depending upon what people bring with them, we usually do get a nice spread of grilled items, sides, salads, and beer to enjoy as the competitors on the course start to thin out. The BBQ at the aid station is a great spot for those Lizards actually competing in the 5k, half or full to come hang out after they finish their event.

It takes a good sized group of volunteers to pull off this event, so if you are in town this Fourth of July weekend, come join the Lizards aid station on Sauvie Island for some or all of the event.

For all of the details, or to sign up, visit this thread on the message board.


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