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Stumptown Splits Things Up

The 2015 Stumptown Cross series is “off to the races” with 2 events done and 3 to go. And based on the weather forecast, it looks like fall will definitely be in the air this weekend. Perhaps I should re-phrase that… rain will be falling, and bits of mud and grass will be flying in [...]

Spooky Pub Run – Wed, Oct 28

As the days continue to shorten and October draws to a close, it is time to start thinking about an annual tradition that some might call “spooky.” What could be more spooky than switching up the route on our Wednesday night Pub Run so that it meanders through the cemetery after dark? Are you brave [...]

Timothy Lake Trail Run – Oct 24, 2015

The trail running season is upon us… ok, I’m not sure there isn’t ever a time that isn’t great for running trails… but fall/winter seems to be the time when the trails have fewer hikers and runners might be looking for some added motivation to get out there. And what better way to motivate yourself [...]

Comment on Proposed Duniway Park Renovations

In case you haven’t been following the latest moves by Portland area sportswear giants, you may not be aware that Under Armour is looking to renovate the old YMCA building on Barbur, right next to the Duniway Track. The designs for the building renovations look great, but there is also a commitment of funds (in [...]

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