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Timothy Lake Trail Run – Oct 24, 2015

The trail running season is upon us… ok, I’m not sure there isn’t ever a time that isn’t great for running trails… but fall/winter seems to be the time when the trails have fewer hikers and runners might be looking for some added motivation to get out there. And what better way to motivate yourself than a group of your Lizard running pals out there on the trails with you?

If you are interested in joining in on some fall/winter trail runs this year, check out this thread on the message board. There are already a few standard trail runs on the schedule, and that thread is where we will be looking to identify new or classic trails to hit this winter.

To kick off this year’s runs, we are going to re-visit a favorite – the loop around Timothy Lake. Part of this route is on the PCT. All of it is relatively flat and has a nontechnical trail (not a lot of rocks and roots). Combine a nice runnable half marathon length loop with some cute little bridges over streams, nice views of the lake and even Mt Hood (if the weather cooperates), and you have the makings of a great trail run. Plus we start and end the loop at Little Crater Lake, which is a unique landscape feature in itself.

Feel like getting in on this trail action? The plan is to meet at the Mall 205 McMenamins (9710 SW Washington St) at 8am on Saturday, 10/24/15 to carpool. I suspect it will take us a little over an hour to drive there, so we will probably start running around 9:30. The loop is about 14 miles, so assume a couple hours for running and sightseeing. It seems like we are usually back to the cars and ready to begin the trek back just before lunch… so we will make it a true outing and find some grub on the drive back into Portland. We’ve stopped at various locations over the years, ranging from the Elusive Trout Pub in Sandy to the Ice Axe Bar and Grill in Government Camp. What does everyone thing about hitting the Skyway Bar and Grill in Zigzag on the way home? I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like a perfect way to wrap up a nice trail run. Including lunch and travel, I imagine we will be back to the carpool location around 2pm.

Who’s ready to kick off another trail running season and become a Trail Lizard!


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