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Summer Series is Under Way!

Darren Moore leading a field of Lizards off the line of the Dogwood Dash 5k

For those of you who noticed April being warmer than usual, I am afraid that Team Red Lizard is partly to blame for this aspect of climate change. Picking April races to start the Summer Series… how can the weather help but respond?

With the first 3 races of the Summer Series being crammed into the month of April, you had better believe things will continue to heat up. The Lizard masses were out in force for the kickoff race – the Dogwood Dash 5k in Milwaukie. Scrolling through the results you see a lot of familiar names who ran very well. The top 3 Lizard men went 2, 3 and 4 overall, with Darren Moore holding off teammates Adam DiVergilio and Daniel Bartosz for his first ever 100 point win in a Summer Series race – congrats, Darren!

And on the women’s side, Theresa Hailey finished 6th place overall (18:02!) in the race to nab an early series lead over Chris Kimbrough who also cracked the top 10 finishing 8th. Joe Dudman grabbed a 10th place finish meaning that Lizards filled 6 of the top 10 finish places. An impressive showing, Lizards!

And there was depth to the Lizard field as well with over 20 members representing. For a hilly course, it was impressive that there were actually some PRs to be had out there as well. Congratulations to Tiffany McLean on a 10 second 5k PR. Sounds like someone needs to plan ahead for the much faster (although still somewhat hilly) Sunday Evening 5k later in the summer.

Results for the Dogwood Dash 5k can be found here; age and gender graded standings can be found here; and the official thread with races and standings can be found here.

Next up is the Birds of Prey hybrid half marathon in the Gorge on April 17. You can find registration information and race details at this link, but the scoop on this is that it is a half marathon that has a balance of paved roads and bike paths, single track trail, as even some mowed grass paths – so a little of everything in a lovely setting within the Gorge just downstream of the Bonneville Dam. Race starts at 10am on April 17. Meet at the Mall 205 McMenamins (9710 SE Washington) at 8:15am to carpool.

And if you really want to be planning ahead, the 3rd race in the Summer Series is the Willamette Mission 10k trail race on April 30. Registration info and race details are available on-line.

Get yourself signed up and involved in the action, since the prizes are starting to pile up for those who are on the leader board for place and participation at the end of the series.


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