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Vancouver USA Marathon Pacers Needed

By Beth Carter

Hi fellow Lizards!
Are you ready to help out a friend you haven’t met yet? Are you ready to enjoy a race course while leading others to achieve their personal goal? Have you received a pesky mass email troubling you about your preferred pace time and shirt size?

Can I be more direct? ……. WHERE IS YOUR NAME IN THE SIGN-UP FOR THE 2016 VUM PACE TEAM? (And that concludes our game of 20 questions for today)

My shameless plug for pacing is that pacing is one of the best experiences you can have while running. Racing has a special place in our calendars and hearts, so why not pace if it isn’t time for you to race? Your experience and abilities get put to the test in a different way when you pace. Accuracy and enjoyment go hand in hand during a pacing event as pacing lets you master your intuitive feel for running while helping another person master the race! The presence of pacers has grown in many events and often runners are looking for us to support their big day. Our time spent on the course is just another wonderful way to give back to the running community. And selfishly, the smile of your runners at the end of the race when they have run well and given it their “all” is the best thank you note a person could ask for!

If you haven’t signed up yet and/or don’t see your name on the message board thread (here) for the VUM full or half pace team, please let Beth Carter (beth.carter@pcisys.net) know. Do you have some questions about pacing that you would like to have answered before you throw your name in the hat? If so, please let me know and I will make sure you have all of the information that you need.

Here are the remaining spots for VUM pacers:
FULL Marathon: 3:00 (2 needed – 2nd half), 3:15 (2 needed – 2nd half), 3:30 (4 needed), 4:00 (3 needed -1 1st half, 2 – 2nd half), 4:14 (4 needed), 4:30 (1 needed – 2nd half), 4:45 (2 needed – 2nd half), 5:00 (4 needed)

Half Marathon: 1 pacer for each of the following – 1:30, 2:00, 2:45, 3:00

We’d really appreciate it if your PR for a half was at least 8 minutes faster than the time you choose to pace for each of the slots – both full and half.

Can’t wait to see you at VUM and steel your courage – I’ll start asking for your support for the Portland Marathon in just a few short months!

Cheers and Run on! Beth


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