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Lizard Love is in the Air

Over the years there have been several Lizards who have met, fallen in love, and made the decision to tie the knot. The most recent Lizard lovers to join the ranks is Chris McGinness and Katherine Kasik. Congratulations to the two of them who got married in a small ceremony on July 30 with Mt Hood in the background.

Chris and Katherine aren’t the only Lizard lovers who got married in July. Only a couple weeks prior, Dave Ross and Stephanie Lowe tied the knot in a ceremony near the Sandy River in Troutdale. A long list of Lizards were in attendance to help them celebrate their nuptials.

Seems like love in the air this July. Congrats to both of the happy couples, as well as all of the past and future members of TRL who find that someone special and take that next step in their relationship.


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