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Great Train Chase – Dec 4 and Dec 18

This year’s Great Train Chase will be Sunday, Dec 4th from 10am to 12pm, followed by a meal at Sellwood location TBD. Below is the timetable, and here’s a map of the route. Check the thread on the message board for more details or to post if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. (In case this date/time is not good for you, there will be a second night-running of the Train Chase on Sunday, Dec 18 from 6pm to 8pm followed by dinner. Updated details will be in that thread on the MB)

What: The Great Train Chase is a run we do every December in which we chase various trains around town. This year we will start and finish at Oaks Bottom, allowing us two shots at the Holiday Express steam train. On the intervening loop section of our lollipop route, we will race 3 MAX trains and a Streetcar around downtown. The route is 10.5 miles and will take 1 hour 45 minutes (10 min/mile average.) Following the run, we will dine at Sellwood location TBD.

Route: The route this year is 10.5 miles. Here’s a link to the map of the route.

Who: Everyone. The chase is designed for people who run 10 min/miles or faster. And if you will be running slower than 10′s, you can let me know and I will suggest more options. As usual with a Red Lizard run, no one will be left behind. If 10 min/miles sounds tediously slow, not to worry. You can use the Hare approach: Try to run alongside the trains and take short breathers at the transfer points.

Start/Finish Location: We will start and finish where the Holiday Express steam train loads and unloads passengers on the Springwater Corridor adjacent to Oaks Bottom Amusement Park. Arrive up to 15 minutes prior to departure time to go over logistics, stretch, get cold, etc.

(Note: The min/mile pace listed for each leg is the minimum pace needed to make the next connection. The speed of the trains themselves can be much faster, leaving brief layovers between legs.

Prologue) 10:00am The Holiday Express starts by going upstream toward the Sellwood Bridge and back. This takes about 10 minutes. You can follow the train, or just start downstream toward the Ross Island Bridge and get a jump on the train.
Leg 1) 10:10am Race the Holiday Express from Oaks Bottom to the Ross Island Bridge (2.3 miles, 7:50 min/mile.)
Leg 2) 10:28am Connect to MAX Orange Line (10:31am) and chase it over the Tilikum Crossing bridge (1.0 mile, 11:00 min/mile.)
Leg 3) 10:39am Transfer to Portland Streetcar (A Loop) and follow it up to PSU Urban Plaza at SW 6th & Mill (1.0 mile, 9:00 min/mile.)
Leg 4) 10:48am Dash after MAX Green Line down 6th Ave to Pioneer Courthouse Square (0.45 miles, 15:30 min/mile.)
Leg 5) 10:55am Try to beat MAX Blue Line across the Steel Bridge (1.3 miles, 8:30 min/mile.)
Leg 6) 11:06am Run the Esplanade and Springwater Corridor back to the Ross Island Bridge (2.15 miles, 9:45 min/mile.)
Leg 7) 11:28am: Race the Holiday Express back to the finish at Oaks Bottom (2.3 miles, 7:50 min/mile.)
Epilogue) 12pm Eat in Sellwood at location TBD. (You’re welcome to join in just for the Epilogue.)

Scoring: For those who wish to keep score, you can earn up to 3 points for each of the trains. 1 point for seeing the train, 2 points for running alongside train at least briefly, and 3 points for beating the train.

Theme: ??? On our second Chase last year we dressed as penguins. Entertainment for runners and passengers. What should our theme be this year?

The Competition: The steam engine will again be 4449 (the “Daylight”), which is in the story photo.


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