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New Years Eve is Time to Purge

New Years Eve… for many it means a late night of celebrating the end of another year. But for some, the morning of New Years Eve means it is time for a long run to wrap up the year.

The original tradition started with the local ultra running community. The Purge & Splurge was their way of getting in a long run (the “purge”) before splurging at whatever NYE parties they had planned. The original purge was running the entire 30.1 mile length of Wildwood Trail, and a few more motivated individuals would opt to run it out-back for 60+ miles. I’m pretty sure that always seemed like a better idea than it was in reality…

While a hand full of ultra runners are still out there continuing the tradition, TRL has modified the purge over the years so that it is more accessible to people who may not want to run 30 (or 60) miles. The goal is still to have everyone show up to run some distance that they consider to be a long “purge” to wrap up the year. But the distance options are a little more do-able: 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 mile distances are available. All you have to do is decide how far you plan to run, show up at the finish location at 8:30, and then carpool to the starting point (Newberry Road, mile 30.1 of Wildwood Trail) for a group start at 9:00am.

For starting locations or more info, go to this thread on message board for all of the details.

Since NYE is on a Saturday this year, I am imagining we will have an even larger group than usual. So if you want to get one final mileage purge in before 2017 arrives, decide on the distance you feel like running, post it so people know you will be there, and we will see you out on Wildwood for a long run to wrap up 2016.


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  1. Hello Lizards!

    Kyly McMurray and I (Ellie Justice) will be out for a short “Purge” run tomorrow. We are two of the founders of the event. We came up with this idea to amuse our running partners with something new and to pad our logbooks before the year’s end. We ran the full length of Wildwood (it was a bit shorter back then) on a cold, windy day December 31st, 1994. It was a small group that year. We were joined by Alan Cabelly and John Sweitzer for the full length and Ted Nolan for the “fun run” ending at 53rd drive. In my logbook I simply noted: “ran the whole length of wildwood—fun!” In 1995 we repeated the event and I called it the “Second Annual Purge and Splurge.” Others joined us this year and in the years that followed. In 1996, the year of floods, slides and damaged trails, a group of 20 or so ran what we called the “Urban Purge” starting in NW Portland and ending at Wanker’s Corners for the splurge. It has been on Wildwood every year since then. Thank you for keeping this tradition alive.

    Posted by Ellie Justice | December 30, 2016, 1:07 pm

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