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Running Resolutions

A new year is upon us. Whether or not you stayed awake until midnight to be there as 2017 got started, we have all officially entered another year. So a Happy New Year to us all!

New Years is often a time for people to make resolutions. Defined, a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.”   It seems like the majority of people making resolutions to eat better, drink less, exercise more, whatever… typically let that “firm” decision fall to the wayside within a few weeks. But whether these are aspirational goals, or something you can actually stick with for the entire year, setting a goal to do things better in the coming year is probably still worthwhile.

Are you the type to make resolutions? A new year is underway, so is there anything you plan to do better? Running or racing goals you would like to accomplish? Perhaps it’s racing a 50k – it sounds like Dan Silvernail plans for do plenty of long trail races in 2017, including a 50k.

Or perhaps it’s a simpler sounding goal, like getting healthy so you can run pain free. I suspect that is a goal for anyone dealing with a nagging injury. Or staying injury free… that might be the goal of all of us who aren’t feeling banged up at the moment.

If you have specific goals or resolutions for 2017 that you want to share, the best way to help hold yourself accountable to a resolution is to make it public. There is already a thread on the message board going where people are posting up their 2017 running resolutions. If you have a goal you feel like sharing, join the conversation.


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