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Starting Gun for the 2017 Summer Series has Sounded

Dogwood Dash start (photo courtesy of Huber Timing)

Saturday, April 8 marked the unofficial start of summer – the first race in TRL’s 2017 Summer Series. And it looks like Lizards were well represented in the field. Results from the Dogwood Dash show a long list of Lizards who placed very well in the 5k race that benefits the school that Carre Heineck works at. And speaking of Carre, she pulled off the overall female win in the race, so congrats to her!

Based on the folks who showed up, here is what the current standings in our 8 race (+ one Strava segment) series look like.

Place Name                        Time        Score
1         Steve Short               0:16:47   100.00
2         Darren Moore         0:17:09      93.33
3         Tom Karnes             0:18:03     86.67
4         Daniel Bartosz        0:18:13      80.00
5         Joe Dudman             0:18:35      73.33
6         Raghav Wusirika    0:18:43       66.67
7         Rex Hansen             0:19:52       60.00
8         Thomas Fuchs        0:20:55       53.33
9         Matt Rizzo                0:21:01        46.67
10       Ian Fudalla              0:22:13       40.00
11        Dave Heineck         0:25:42       33.33
12        Brian Hansen        0:28:34       26.67
13        Rick Lovett              1:04:24       20.00

Place Name                         Time        Score
1         Carre Heineck         0:18:52    100.00
2         Theresa Hailey       0:19:24       86.67
3         Susan Le                   0:21:39       73.33
4         Mollie Butler            0:23:11      60.00
5         Bhavana Reddy       0:23:25      46.67
6         Stacey Lee                 0:24:38      33.33
7         Charissa Yang         0:25:17      20.00

To track scoring or see the list of races and rules, check out this thread on the message board.

Next up is the Willamette Mission Trail 10k on Saturday, April 29. This one is going to be a whole different story than the fast road 5k everyone just enjoyed. I suspect there will be a lot of mud, some slipping and sliding, and fun for everyone who comes out to this great event. We have included this one in the series the past couple years, and it’s one of my personal favorites. Not only is it a great low-key event (and on trails, which it’s no secret that I love), but the race director, Gary, is a huge supporter of TRL – he is the one who donates entries to the extremely popular Silver Falls trail races that we give out at prizes for the Summer Series. Plus, they usually partner with Seven Brides Brewing out of Silverton, and the only thing better than a good trail race is free beer when you finish.

If you haven’t yet registered, here is the event registration link. And when you register, be sure to use the discount code “TRL2017″ to save $5 (another reason I love Gary and this event).

If you think you are ready to embrace some mud and take on the trails of Willamette Mission State Park, get yourself registered today.


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