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Annual Awards Event a Huge Success

If you missed TRL’s First Annual Awards Event on May 13, 2017… well, you missed out. A fantastic evening of fun with fellow club members, along with some recognition for some deserving award winners from the past year. And while only 5 people were recognized, this event would have been nothing without the amazing people who developed the idea, organized and executed all aspects of the event, and those who simply showed up. When people who up and have a good time, I’m pretty sure that makes all of the time and effort that goes into organizing an event worthwhile. But Melissa Cox and Kate Gigler deserve a special call out for their efforts in making this event possible – thank you both!

While the club has certainly recognized individuals in the past, this was the first special event specifically organized to get club members together for a social gathering to hang out, as well as recognize accomplishments over the past year (or more, in some cases). Based on how the event went, I suspect that a Second Annual Awards Event will definitely take place – so if you have feedback on venue, food, format, etc., send your thoughts to Kate or Melissa.

Highlights from the evening included a great overview of the state of the club by Raghav. He really focused his message on the spirit of service that all members of the club embody. There isn’t ever an event the club puts on where the group doesn’t jump in and make whatever needs to happen take place. And in special recognition of service by someone who has done a lot of important behind-the-scenes work over the past 10+ years, Raghav presented a special service award to Daniel Bartosz. While Daniel recently had to step down as the club’s Treasurer, he faithfully executed the duties of that position for the past decade – that is certainly a record for longest continuous term of service in a single board position by anyone in this club’s history, so thank you for your years of service, Danimal. Note that Daniel is still on the TRL board, but due to a perceived conflict-of-interest by his employee, had to step down as Treasurer.

The first formal award of the evening was for the best racing accomplishment of the year by a female. Out of a super qualified list of individuals that included Angela Lindbo, Laura Cadiz, Sonya Wilkerson, Stacey Lee, and Susan Hay – Theresa Hailey was recognized for her outstanding marathon effort that found her just 1 second shy of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials.

For best racing accomplishment of the year by a male, there was some tough competition between recognizing our resident prolific racer (Joe Dudman), some guys who had serious PRs in the marathon and other distances (Darren Moore, David Buczkowski, Peter Bromka), or Daniel Hough for stepping up to the Ironman. The award was given to Peter Bromka for his cranking out a pair of impressive marathon PRs (both under 2:30!) under tough conditions at Boston the past 2 years.

The Lizard in Service award included a long list of active members of the club who contribute in large ways to the board or events this club is known for.  The list of nominees included Darren Moore, David Hatfield, Jeff Huber, Kate Gigler, Kristen Dedeaux, Rick Lovett and Torrey Lindbo.  While I certainly didn’t want or expect this award, was very honored to have been recognized for contributions such as helping organize Stumptown Cross, years of service on the board, and other things I would probably continue to do even if I wasn’t on the board.

The Spirit of Running award was all about selecting who embodies the mission of the club through their commitment, energy and enthusiasm.  There was a long list of nominees that included Darren Moore (who incidentally was nominated in all categories except the best racing accomplishment by a female), David Buczkowski, Drew Puckett, Joe Dudman, Kristen Dedeaux, Rick Lovett, Stacey Lee, Tim Swietlik, and Torrey Lindbo.  Based on her cheerful enthusiasm, role in ensuring Tour de Goose continues to happen, and creative ideas (like allowing for a leisurely, or was it lazy?, start time for trail runs), Kristen Dedeaux received the well deserved recognition.

Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners.  And a big thank you to all of those who nominated people for those awards, as well as to our awards selection committee, which included Tim Swietlik, Bhavana Reddy, Chris McGinness, Lou Karl, Melissa Cox and Kate Gigler.  Chris was unfortunately unable to join us at the event, but he had a good excuse as he and Katherine Kasik were at the hospital welcoming the newest Lizard to the group.  So congratulations to them both as well!

Keep accomplishing great things, folks – and we will look forward to doing the awards all over again next year.  Thank you all for your efforts, whether you received an award, or were even nominated.  This club is what it is based on all of us, so keep up the great work, everyone!


One Response to “Annual Awards Event a Huge Success”

  1. Nice article! Thanks for the recap (and for inadvertently inspiring the Leisurely Lizard Trail Series). ;-)

    Thanks to all for a splendiferous evening of laughter and fellowship. It conjured up many fun memories of how we’ve all inspired each other in different ways.

    And long live Team Lightning Legs! :) You guys are the best! If anyone else wishes to join our merry band of mischief makers, we’re always accepting new members.

    Posted by Kristen Dedeaux | May 14, 2017, 7:36 pm

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