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Duniway Track is Back!

It was a year in the making, but the track and infield at Duniway Park have finally been completed and are open for public use once again. If you have never been to Duniway, it is located at the corner of Barbur and SW 4th.

For those who have never joined Coach Rick Lovett for TRL’s Tuesday night track workout, this is the place our workouts usually occur. For the past year, we have been bouncing around a bit – using primarily the Lincoln High track, and even the Fernhill Park track for a few weeks – but now that Duniway is open again, we are back at Duniway for Tuesday evening track workouts (workout starts at 6:15, but you will want to run there or show up earlier to get warmed up first. Most people usually arrive by 6:00 and run a couple miles on the track to warm up).

If you haven’t ever joined us for a track workout, I think these might be the ultimate “group run” we have, since you’re never more than 200m away from everyone else, even if you are running as fast as you want. So no one needs to run faster or slower than they want, although I suppose the goal of showing up for a track workout is to have a group of people to push you to run faster than you would on your own. And with the typical turn out for track being around 30 people, there is typically a wide variety of paces – so chances are good you will have someone to run with.

Another reason to join for a track workout? This coming Tuesday (June 13, 2017) is going to be a member appreciation run. That means that after the track workout, beverages (beer or other) are on the club. We will head down to the Lair Hill Bistro (a short walk away from the track) after people are done cooling down. So if you show up for the track workout on Tuesday, be sure to plan on sticking around afterwards and hanging out.

For some helpful background on track workouts, you might check out this article on track rules/etiquette or this article on Rick\'s SMELT system.

I know I’m looking forward to checking out that new surface at Duniway. See you out there some Tuesday evening!


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