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Pacing Details for Portland Marathon

Putting together pace teams for the Portland Marathon is no small matter, so a huge thank you to everyone who is helping organize and assist with pacing at the 2017 event.  Beth Carter, TRL’s Director of Pacing, has done a great job of getting plans together and ensuring we have folks to fill all of the target times we want pacers for.  Once again, we will have pace teams for the following finish times:

3:00 (6:52/mile)
3:05 (7:03/mile)
3:10 (7:15/mile)
3:15 (7:26/mile)
3:25 (7:49/mile)
3:30 (8:00/mile)
3:35 (8:12/mile)
3:40 (8:23/mile)
3:45 (8:35/mile)
3:55 (8:57/mile)
4:00 (9:09/mile)
4:10 (9:32/mile)
4:25 (10:06/mile) 
4:40 (10:40/mile) 
5:00 (11:27/mile)

Thank you to everyone who is helping pace one of those times.

Because the St. Johns Bridge creates a large hill in the middle of an otherwise fairly flat course, we have usually had pacers run “even effort” on the course.  With the 2017 course changes (Portland Marathon course), the bridge is now earlier in the race, so the old pace bands won’t work. But thanks to Charissa Yang, we do have an updated pace band (pdf) that you can download/print.

Our usual pacing structure is to have two pacers per half, with each group running 14 miles.  So the first half crew will run through 14, and the second half team jumps in at mile 12.  That provides 2 miles of transition for the second half pacers to meet the group, get watches synced or switched, and get their pace dialed in.  With the new course, the transition point up in North Portland, so a little trickier location for getting to/from as pacers.  There is a thread on the message board to figure out carpooling logistics.

Make sure you have a way to get to the spot you will be starting on time.  And likewise, make sure you have a plan for getting back to wherever you park or need to go when you finish.  There are carpool and shuttle options, or you could also opt to run or use MAX, since it’s just under 5 miles if you opt to run from mile 14 back to the start area (using a route similar to this).  Or it’s less than a mile from mile 14 to the the MAX along Interstate.  That means it might be almost 3 miles from the MAX to the mile 12 starting point for second half pacers, so you might need to weigh the carpool option as well.  Just make sure you have a way to get where you need to be.

Getting to/from starting locations, handing off watches, meeting your fellow pacers, etc. are some of the details that will be covered at the pacing meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 5 at 7:30pm.  We will be meeting at McMenamin’s Ringer’s Pub at 1332 W Burnside.  This is where we will hand out pacer shirts and other items you will need for Sunday, so plan to attend.  If you have a conflict, be sure to contact Beth beth.carter@pcisys.net AND bcarter@propellerpdx.com to make sure you have a way to get your shirt, bib, etc. and she gets the signed form she needs from everyone.

Looking forward to another successful year of pacing at the Portland Marathon.  Thanks again to everyone helping make our pace teams possible!


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