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Spooky Pub Run – Wed, Oct 25

Each week at 6pm on Wednesday evenings, Lizards gather at the Buffalo Gap in Johns Landing to run over the Sellwood Bridge and get in some mid-week miles. But once a year, we get crazy, and instead of making a left over the Sellwood Bridge, we turn RIGHT! I know… scary.

And this year, on Wednesday, October 25, we will once again skip the trip over the Sellwood Bridge and make that right turn up into the cemetery. Is it coincidence that this strange phenomenon occurs the Wednesday before Halloween each year? Perhaps it is only happenstance that some runners will show up wearing costumes? And it is probably just good fortune that has resulted in most runners who begin this run making it safely back to the starting point.

The real question is, are you brave enough to show up for “the Spooky?”

If so, the details you need to know:
WHEN: 6pm, Wednesday, October 25, 2017
WHERE: Buffalo Gap (6835 SW Macadam Ave)
WHAT: It’s a group run. And I would recommend you stay with the group, since it might be really spooky if you don’t…
WHAT ELSE: This is an easy/recovery day run, so we will be taking it easy. The Riverview Cemetery is hilly, and since yours truly will be leading the run (and doesn’t want anyone getting lost), we will go a reasonable pace and re-group often to make sure no one is still wandering the cemetery when we do this again in the years to come…

I would recommend you bring a flashlight or headlamp, as there aren’t any lights in the cemetery. While we will just be running the roads that loop within the cemetery, once never knows if you can count on moonlight in late October.


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