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TRL Board Elections Coming Up

Were you aware that Team Red Lizard has a board of directors? And if you were aware that we have a board, do you know how the members of that board came to be? The current board is actually quite sizable, with 4 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), as well as 8 directors who are appointed to help out with specific tasks (e.g. membership, apparel, communications, group runs, pacing, etc.). You can see the full list of current positions, and who fills them on our board member page.

The number of directors is at the discretion of the elected officers. Every 2 years, the club has an election for the 4 officers – that means that every TRL member gets to vote for who will be President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer, and then those 4 officers can determine if they want to have any other board directors; the bylaws don’t require them to have any, but they can create and fill up to 9 other positions. So the officers have a lot of sway over the direction of the club, as they can essentially create the positions they want and then fill those. If you read the bylaws, you will see that the board elects new directors, but in the window immediately following board elections, the board only consists of the 4 elected officers. So having 4 people in those positions that you have confidence in is important for shaping the board that will be making decisions on behalf of the club for the next 2 years.

Which brings us to the upcoming board officer elections. January 17 is election day (that is the date of the “member meeting” mentioned in our bylaws). That is the date on which the 4 officers will officially be elected. Votes need to be received at or before this meeting, and there are 3 ways to vote:
1. In person at the January 17 meeting
2. On-line. We will have an on-line voting options that there will be details about in the December 2017 Gazette
3. Paper ballot can be mailed in. We will include a ballot with the Gazette.

The December edition of the Gazette will still have articles about members, upcoming events and other interesting topics, but it will also have profiles about the members who have expressed an interest in running for one of the officer positions. Our own little voter’s pamphlet. You can expect to see that edition of the Gazette in late December.

But prior to that coming out, we are still accepting nominations from anyone interested in being on the board. December 10 is the deadline for people to declare their interest in running for President, VP, Secretary or Treasurer. If you have been thinking about a “career in politics”, you might consider throwing your name in the hat. Note: The “career” aspect isn’t great, as this job doesn’t pay, and we prefer to keep the “politics” to a minimum.

Interested, or want more details? Talk to an existing board member, or email elections@redlizardrunning.com


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