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New Years Eve is Time to Purge

2017 is rapidly drawing to a close… and you know what that means. A New Year is about to begin. But before we say goodbye to 2017, it’s time to end the year with a major purge. That should have you all set to celebrate New Years Eve with whatever amount of splurging you feel like doing.

The scoop on the Purge & Splurge is simple. Meet at the end location for the distance you feel like running. Carpool from there to the start point (the Newberry Road end of Wildwood) for a 9am group start. Then all you need to do is run from there back to your car.

Distances you have to choose from:
30 miles: Running the entire trail is 30.11 miles. Meet at the zoo (Vietnam Memorial parking lot) for this option. Google map location

25 miles: Meet at Lower MacLeay trailhead (end of NW Upshur) for this option. Google map location

21 miles: Meet at the NW 53rd Ave trailhead to Wildwood. The point where Wildwood passes 53rd would be a 21 mile run. Google map location

17 miles: Meet at the gate at lower end of Saltzman, off Hwy 30. Note: LOWER gate off hwy 30, NOT the upper gate off Skyline. Google map location

11 miles: Meet off Skyline Rd at the top of Springville Rd/Firelane 7/Gas Line Rd. Google map location

The goal for this year-ending run is to push yourself, so pick a distance that seems like a purge for you.

In an effort to make it easier to run as far as you want, there will be some aid stations along the way. The aid stations will be a drop of supplies that will include water, Gatorade, and some snacks (pretzels, potato chips, maybe some M&Ms and/or cookies). Those should allow you to run without carrying supplies, although some might still choose to. Aid will be at Germantown (mile 6), Trillium (mile 11) and 53rd (mile 21), so you should be able to cover the full 30 without bogging yourself down.

The only other thing to note is that Newberry Road is still closed due to a landslide between Hwy 30 and the Wildwood Trailhead. So the 17 and 21 milers will have to drive up Germantown and then use Skyline to go over to Newberry and drop down. The 11, 21 and 30 milers will already be close to Skyline, so you can just drive that over to Newberry and head down to the start location.

And since there is always desire from some to start an early splurge right after the run, there are some proposed post-run meet up options in this thread on the message board. That thread, or the facebook event, will be the spot to check for details on who plans to run what distance, and make sure you know where everyone is heading afterward.

Looking forward to another epic run as we wrap up 2017. See you out there!


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