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TRL Board Election Results Are In

A big thank you to everyone who cast a vote in the TRL board elections. Political analysts were impressed with the relatively high voter turnout, even among Millennials ;)

The biggest thank you goes to those who are willing to run for a position and help ensure that there is leadership helping ensure that TRL remains relevant and serves the needs of our members. In particular, I really appreciate the two candidates who threw their names into the hat to be the new VP.

Similar to, but different than, other elections where we tend to have people on different teams – you know the red team and blue team – there is a winner. But in this election, we are all on the red team, which means there is a person on the same team who was willing to serve but wasn’t the winner. We definitely wouldn’t call that person the loser. Rather, they are probably the first person the newly elected officers might be considering as they think about who they might ask to help out.

Without any further adieu, here is who the newly elected TRL officers are for the next 2 years:
President – Raghav Wusirika
Vice President – Janne Heinonen
Secretary – Angela Lindbo
Treasurer – Darren Moore

The next step for the newly elected officers is that they will meet to discuss whether they want to create any director positions, and then determine who they might appoint to fill those positions. According to the TRL bylaws, the board can consist of as few as the 4 officers, or as many as 13 total people (meaning the officers could name up to 9 other directors who would then become part of the board).

So election time can be an exciting time to not only get some new faces and ideas elected as officers of the board, but it is also a great opportunity for the officers to determine what roles make sense to have directors assist with and there will likely be some new faces and ideas that get added between now and the February board meeting. So, stay tuned for more updates about the TRL board.

But in the meantime, join me in congratulating our newly elected officers!


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